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Lineage Situation
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Formed way back in 1998 by ex-members of You & I and Red All Over, Central New Jersey's screamo kings Neil Perry bobbed and swayed in basements everywhere to a cathartic strain of dark guitar chops, wisely calling it quits after four years while still at the top of their post-hardcore game. Lineage Situation is the child birthed from the band's tenure. Daunting in its inclusiveness, the retrospective graciously collects forty tracks as well as a 35-minute video hinting at exuberant sing-alongs and shoutouts to the kids and the crew

With four previously unreleased tracks (including "Nine Minutes of Non-fiction," which go from a screamo blueprint to pure Spiderland-era Slint) and scads of live material, this is the definitive collection from a band that should have had a much larger cult following. But that is what is simply so amazing about this band - its ability to excel at both old-school, metal-inspired hardcore ("Kicked" and "Looking Back on the Way You Want to Be in the Future"), and dazzling instrumental complexity - often both in the same song (take "What Is In the Making," for example).

Lineage Situation . 2003.

Lineage Situation: 1998-2002. Lineage Situation: 1998-2002 Tracklist. 1. Nine Minutes Of Non-Fiction Lyrics. 5. Looking Back At The Way You Want To Be In The Future Lyrics. 6. Fading Away Like The Rest Of Them Lyrics.

Слушай альбом Lineage Situation исполнителя Neil Perry онлайн, скачивай в формате mp3 на музыкальном портале Onetwo. Lineage Situation - Neil Perry - Onetwo. Исполнители Афиша Люди Музновости. Neil Perry Релизы 1 Фанаты 44 Похожие 48 Слушатели 9. Поделиться.

As in most bands of their type, Neil Perry was always built on the singular moment where the shit would hit the fan - Iluvatar, 2006. Hailing from New Jersey, Neil Perry crashed into the late-90’s screamo scene with a bang. Armed with tough-as-nail vocals, violent instrumentation, and a guitar tone that could make any musician weep, Neil Perry were a force that weren’t to be reckon with. While they did not last very long, they were still a very impressive band, their discography compilation Lineage Situation showcases the band’s uncontrollable.

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Disc 1
1 Nine Minutes Of Non-Fiction
2 Kicked
3 Seeping Through The Cracks
4 What Is In The Making
5 Looking Back On The Way You Want To Be In The Future
6 Fading Away Like The Rest Of Them
7 Sorry For The Misunderstanding Mr. Watts...
8 Millions Lost At The Penny Arcade
9 I Wanna Talk To Samson
10 Yes Officer My Name Is Mr. Hermitiowitch...
11 Shit Blows Up... It's So Good
12 Becoming What You Hate
13 Another Trip To Baltimore
14 Igor, My Girlfriend Dumped Me... Let's Write Sad Songs
15 So Tom Cruise Turns To Me And Says
16 Breathing With One Bad Lung
17 There's A Fine Line Between Thriftstore And Whitetrash
18 A Friend Is A Lesson To Be Learned
19 September 15th, City Lights, And The Clouds That Suck Them Dry
20 I Bought The Southern Rap Compilation And All I Got Was This Lousy Hi-Hat
21 Josh's Dream Party; Beer, Girls, And A Computer
22 Memoirs Of An Illiterate Penpal
23 There Will Come Soft Rains
24 You Can't Fight Jose Cuervo And Win
25 Don't Even Try To Start A Honda Accord If It's In Drive
26 Bluebook Bedtime Story
27 Trips To Baltimore
28 Friends That Fuck
29 Luc Fucked The Prom Queen
30 When My Favorite Sports Team Loses, It Makes Me Want To Hit My Girlfriend
31 If This Is A Show About God, I'm Going To Kill U Mauro
32 The Last Sip Is 90% Spit
33 Short-Haired Metal
34 Oh Shit
35 Catalyst
36 Moira
37 Elvis Wears Nikes
38 Fuck You
39 There Was Definitly A Point When The Victim...
40 I'm Sad For You
Disc 2
Video 1 Various Live Performances
Video 2 Fading Away Like The Rest Of Them


Compilation of various releases (it isn't stated anywhere which releases).

Track 1: "80 Records And We Are Not Broke (Yet) Compilation"
Track 2-4: Previously unreleased
Track 5-7: Split with A Days Refrain
Track 8-11: Split with Joshua Fit For Battle
Track 12-15: Self-titled 7'' (picture disc)
Track 16-18: Split with Kaospilot / Young Lover's Fan Club #1
Track 19-21: Split with Usurp Synapse
Track 22: "Antipodes Compilation"
Track 23-31: Split With A Satellite Crash
Track 32-40: Self-titled 7'' (Spiritfall records)
  • IWantYou
Someone should release an LP or 10" with tracks 1 - 7.
  • Nuadora
Tracks 5 to 7 are from the split with A Days Refrain. The only songs that are exclusive to this CD are tracks 1 to 4.
  • Keel
This is a Discography of theirs. Everything they recorded/pressed.
  • Seevinev
But in the cd and dvd / cd-rom , this " jam " is included, i have this record but i'm not remember...^^
  • Skilkancar
Kinda is the title of " Improv Jams " exactly ? But in cd-rom/dvd this j
  • Kabei
not all, ORCHID split songs are unvalaible in this amazing box and others songs i believe. It's a perfect collection songs for a compilation, in more with a very cool dvd included this beautiful musical emo song without sing, make in a repetition band.
  • watching to future
Kinda, it's not everything. (Improv Jams are not included for a start...)